The signature of an exceptional terroir

Our House only cultivates Premier Cru cuvées and seeks to be the Ambassador of Champenoise excellency.

Frerejean Frères Premier Cru, is primarily a unique soul, expressing itself through unique terroir. Located 6 miles South of Epernay, straddling the Cote des Blancs and the Village of Grauves, our House cultivates the best grapes of Champagne.

In our quest for authenticity, purity and transparency, we do not use a mixture of terroirs. All our Chardonnay come from the prestigious Cote de Blancs and provide our wines with a unique balance of freshness and finesse. Our Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier come from this same soil, which gives us the opportunity to exhibit a unique flavour profile in our cuvées.

Working on this unique geographical situation allows us to know and preserve perfectly, the quality of our grapes. Ultimately, we are able to offer wines that are true to the “Signature of an exceptional terroir.”

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