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Frerejean Frères produces great wines of Champagne, distinguished as much by their uniqueness as their elegance. We reject all mixtures of terroirs and crus,  instead preferring to work with individual vintages and using minimal quantities of sugar. In this quest for roundness that defines the Frerejean Frères house style, we age all our wines between 5 to 7 years at the cellar, including the Brut NV.

This maturation period could not be considered without the excellence of our Premier Cru vineyards. In Champagne, only exceptional varieties may improve after a long period of cellar ageing in this manner. However,  when they are able to mature well in this way, great wines are revealed with an incredible complexity and finesse.

The process ensures that our wines are full of flavour and depth and that they offer superb roundness, while preserving critical freshness. The ideal balance we owe to the superior quality of our grapes, tended to and managed by our expertise.

After at least five years ageing on the lees, a low dosage is administered and the cuvées enjoy a further year under cork at the cellars. This ensures that upon release Frerejean Frères cuvées display a perfect balance of vivacity and maturity. 

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