Food and wine pairing

Our Brut Premier Cru will perfectly compliment warm and salty delicacies. The superb structure and maturity is a perfect match for white meat with cream sauces, and the roundness will allow it to partner fine cheeses and rich desserts such as chocolate cake.

“This Champagne is a worthy ambassador of the region, true to its terroir. It will give you a moment of gastronomic delight with a Bresse chicken in cream and Foie Gras”. – Fabrice Sommier.

The Extra Brut, by its freshness and its mineral nature, is an ideal companion for a meal of seafood or whitefish.

The Cuvée des Hussards, from a single vintage, has immense power and structure. The low dosage and intense flavour concentration provide many opportunities for gastronomic pairing. As well as accompanying roasted poultry and cream, perhaps a pike with beurre blanc or a mature blue cheese.

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