Wines of “High Gastronomy”

Tasting the Brut Non Vintage with Fabrice Sommier:

The wine unfolds with brilliant and clear colour, golden yellow with glints of silver, and a fine bed of bubbles.

Our level of requirement necessitates laying the Brut in the cellar for a minimum of five years on the lees, at a constant temperature of 10 degrees. Practicing a late disgorgement in this manner and storing the bottles for a further year at the cellars we develop a prestigious wine that reveals complex and generous aromas.

The attack on the palate is pleasant and tasty. The power arrives in a crescendo, so as not to offend the senses, and it is rich and full.

The aromatic range is dense with hints of white fruits, spices, candied fruit, honey and brioche. With a very expressive nose of cooked apples and dried fruit at the opening; it ends with perfumes of honey and almonds after aeration towards room temperature. The palette is very rounded, ample, smooth and long with ripe fruit that maintains a beautiful freshness which evolve into notes of caramel and prunes.

Tasting the Cuvée des Hussards with Fabrice Sommier:

A beautiful yellow gold with brilliant reflections. A fine, delicate and consistent stream of bubbles offers to the eye a moment of hedonistic delight. It is in this way that the cuvée of exception presents itself.

The nose is dense with touches of white and yellow candied fruits; apple, pear, apricot, and peach, with a hint of spices , in the form of saffron and cumin. A touch of toasted bread and a lightly roasted aroma are also present on the nose.

The mouth is full and powerful, supported well by a creamy and delicate mousse. The Chardonnay vines born from a great terroir, always give this richness and complexity.

To be served at 10 or 12 degrees and complemented by decanting to help develop its complex aromas.

An ideal companion with a roasted Bresse chicken, a pike with beurre blanc or a creamy blue cheese.

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