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Trinité Astrale

Range of the Frerejean Frères house, which is composed of three cuvées, each symbolizing a star :
The universe
The astras give rhythm to the time, transmit energies and generate emotions. Trinité Astrale was born from a desire to highlight the unique and complementary effect of these celestial bodies on the development of the vine and its fruit, the grape.
Sun : The Sun gives the vine its energy by activating photosynthesis. The sunshine that reflects on our hillsides contributes to an optimal maturation of the grapes, giving a unique character to our terroirs.
Earth : The Earth provides from the richness and complexity of its lands the nutritional resources, essential for the development of the vine which sometimes takes root at a depth of ten meters.
Moon : The Moon influences its vitality. During its descending phase, the sap flows down into the plant and promotes its root development. In the ascending phase, the sap rises and favors the development of leaves and grapes.
We carry out the work of the vine according to the lunar cycles and take care of treating our vines in the respect of the soil and the plant material. We favor a preventive approach by performing natural herbal treatments.

Located on hillsides facing south-east, our vines benefit from optimal sunshine, that contributes to perfect ripeness of the grapes at harvest time.

The chalk, in which our vines develop their roots, has not only the characteristics of storing the heat of the sun and restoring it to the plant throughout the day, but also of accumulating the rainwater, avoiding excess humidity during periods of heavy rain and limiting the effects of summer drought. It is this unique geology of our Grand Cru terroir of the Côte des Blancs that gives our Chardonnays a unique finesse and minerality..
The experience
A ritual was developed to go along with the tasting of the Trinité Astrale cuvées.

La Serpe à Grand Cru

The Grand Cru cuvées of the house are locked by a metallic staple which requires this special tool to remove it.

The musical tryptich

Original sound creations each interpret a star. The sound accompanies the tasting, while adding a certain rhythm.

Le Grand Blanc

A glass that follows the roundness of the bottle, sublimates the tasting, and awakens the energy of the wine.
The experience continues through your senses. It is now up to you to fully enjoy your tasting moment and let your emotions guide you on this journey.
Our partners
While creating this tasting ritual, we were surrounded by French artists and craftsmen.




Trinité Astrale Range